Recommended routes

The northernmost tip of Honshu features fantastic fall colors and various seasonal foods.

All of Shimokita Peninsula, which includes the northernmost tip of Honshu, is a quasi-national park. The mountains are dressed in brilliant autumn hues, and the scenic coastal area offers fantastic landscapes and wonderful seafood.

Experience autumn beauty and exquisite foods from the Pacific coastline, all in one trip.

Towada is well known as one of the best places to view autumn colors in Japan. After enjoying the area’s fall foliage found on mountain, river, and lake landscapes, you can delight in foods and scenery along the Pacific coastline.

This coastal route along the Sea of Japan in Aomori prefecture features three different vistas of autumn colors.

Take a trip to view three different stunningly beautiful autumn settings. You’ll marvel at the fall foliage in the beech forests of the Shirakami Mountains, the scarlet colored maple trees in Hirosaki Park, and the bright yellow of the ginkgo tree in Kitakanegasawa.

Feel the invigorating hallmarks of autumn along a route that also lets you discover the Akita breed of dog.

Drive along Oga Peninsula, an inlet of the Sea of Japan, and experience an exhilarating fall with crisp air and brilliant, clear blue sky. Along the way, you can have fun discovering Akita dogs. The route takes you on to stunning Lake Towada and Oirase Mountain Stream at the end of the drive.

Drive along the shore of the Sea of Japan in Yamagata and Akita prefectures. Visit various notable sites and be dazzled by their autumn view.

This coastal route along the Sea of Japan is full of the autumn beauty found in Akita and Yamagata. The varied landscape includes rural scenes, a magnificent valley, and locations used for TV dramas. You can also stop off at spiritual “power spots” along the way.

Enjoy the romantic mood of the picturesque landscape in Akita prefecture on this route.

Come into contact with hidden lands and secluded hot springs while enjoying gorgeous Japanese fall foliage that impresses with the power of Mother Nature.

Cross through Morioka, Hachimantai, and Sanriku to view the beautiful autumn colors in Iwate.

Drink in the incredible fall foliage in Morioka and the sweeping panoramic view of autumn colors in Hachimantai, and be sure to drive along the Pacific coastline.

Drive this route from Hiraizumi to Tono on a trip that takes you back to old-time Japan.

After spending an autumn day in the World Heritage Site, Hiraizumi, drive on and you’ll fall in love with the placid fall scenery of Geibi Gorge and Tono.

Explore the must-see highlights of Yamagata in fall! Take a route full of notable autumn sights and scenic spots.

This route lets you enjoy the best sites representative of Yamagata, including the Mogami River, Mt. Haguro, Risshaku-ji Temple, and Mt. Zao. *Please note: A part of the route runs through neighboring Miyagi prefecture.

If you are setting out on a fall road trip from Sendai City, this route is a must. It takes you through Matsushima, Naruko, and back to Sendai.

After visiting scenic Matsushima and Naruko on this amazing course, refresh yourself at one of the healing hot springs and enjoy Sendai, the biggest city in Tohoku.

This route takes you to historic buildings and some of the best autumn viewpoints in southern Tohoku.

You can drive through colorful fall foliage in Fukushima and visit notable historic structures such as Tsuruga-jo Castle and Ouchijuku.