Recommended course

Douse yourself with a streak of nature’s magnificence as you drive along Lake Towada-ko and coastal regions bordering the Pacific Ocean

This route goes from the area around Lake Towada, one of the best places in Japan to see autumn foliage, to the Pacific Ocean areas.

While driving around the vicinity of Oirase gorge, the roads will become narrower and it may be necessary to overtake buses or cars that stopped by passing through the opposite lane. Please be aware of any incoming cars or people as you drive.

Please park first at the designated area if you wish to take a walk along the gorge or go enjoy the scenery. And make sure to not park in areas that may obstruct the path or road so that everybody can enjoy the scenery.

Recommended course

Day 1
Shin-Aomori Sta.


Hakkoda Mountains


Lake Towada


Michi-no-Eki Oirase Roman Park


Tsuta Onsen
Day 2
Oirase Stream


Tanesashi Coast


Hasshoku Center


Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi”


Shin-Aomori Sta.

Recommendation tourist attraction

Day 1

Hakkoda Mountains are listed among Japan’s 100 famous mountains. You can take the ropeway and enjoy the autumn colors from late September until late October. The place is also famous for frost-covered trees called “snow monsters” in winter.

Lake Towada, a well-known scenic spot in northern Japan with a beautiful azure blue surface, is the 3rd deepest lake in Japan at 326.8 m. The best time for autumn leaves is mid to late October.

A rest stop for drivers. The facility houses a grassy space and a park over a vast area, offering scenic views. The Oirase Roman Park offers a variety of souvenirs including its original products.

A hot spring that has been loved by people from about a thousand years ago. The beech wood bathtubs are placed directly above the water source, so the spring water flows straight from the bottom of the bath without coming into contact with the outside air. Here you can enjoy the pure, real spring.

Day 2

A stream that extends for about 14 km between Nenokuchi on the shore of Lake Towada and Yakeyama. The stream runs through richly forested areas and you can enjoy stunningly beautiful scenery such as waterfalls, strangely shaped rocks and more.

A Sanriku Fukko National Park that offers natural sceneries such as rocky reefs and nakisuna (singing sand). One of Tanesashi Coast’s best known sights is the Tanesashi Natural Lawn where the natural grass grows to the water’s edge.

The center houses about 60 shops selling freshly caught fish, dried seafood, delicacies, and the like. A variety of restaurants that offer sushi, ramen, etc. are also available so savor a taste of Aomori!

Start your tour of Hachinohe here. The culture, tourism and exchange facility serves as a new city attraction while invigorating the local culture. You can learn about Hachinohe culture and find a variety of local souvenirs.