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Enjoy resplendent views from the comfort of your car and local gourmet delights

You may encounter intersections on your way from Nikahogen to Nikahojinya that have no traffic lights. Make sure to stop at places where “止まれ” (tomare/stop) signs are placed and check both sides before proceeding.

Please drive with caution as the roads from Oyasukyo to Sato Yosuke Shoten are narrow and are very close to private houses.

Recommended course

Day 1
Akita Airport


Nikaho Heights


Nikaho Jinya


Hokodate Observatory


Chokai Onsen
Day 2
Former Aoyama Main Residence


Sankyo Warehouses


Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium


Sarukura Onsen
Day 3
Oyasu Ravine


Sato Yosuke Sohonten


Michi-no-Eki Ugo Hanui-no-Sato


Akita Airport

Recommendation tourist attraction

Day 1

Nikaho Heights is 500-m-high hilly terrain at the northern foot of Mt. Chokai. With pasture land and ponds of various sizes, the vast grassy slopes offer panoramic views of the Sea of Japan and Mt. Chokai.

A roadside restaurant and shopping establishment where you can relish on local foods in the restaurant, soba restaurant, and BBQ house, and buy local agricultural and marine products.

The observatory is located at an altitude of 1,150 m on Mt. Chokai, at 2,236 m the second highest mountain in the Tohoku region. It commands sweeping views of the Sea of Japan, Oga Peninsula, and V-shaped Naso Gorge.

The Chokai Onsen is characterized by its dark brown hot spring water with outstanding moisturizing qualities. Stay at Yurari, highly reputed for its excellent seafood. Apon Nishihama, bathing facilities for day visitors, is also located adjacent to the hotel.

Day 2

Tomekichi Aoyama who made his fortune from herring fishing in Hokkaido built his main residence in his hometown of Yuza. The residence building has numerous highlights including the luxurious structure with its abundance of Shunkei lacquerware. Aoyama’s art collections are also on display.

Built in 1893, the rice warehouses are still used today for low-temperature storage using the power of nature. Within the site there is a souvenir shop and the Shonai Rice Historical Museum, and is a popular tourist destination.

The highlight of the aquarium is the jellyfish exhibit with as much as 50 or more varieties of jellyfishes. You can also observe other unique marine creatures. Various hands-on programs are offered, such as the sea lion show and feeding the black-tailed gulls.

A hot spring resort located at the foot of Mt. Chokai. It features several unique hot spring inns, all of which offer grand views of Mt. Chokai. The photo shows Hotel Foresta Chokai.

Day 3

The 60-m-deep V-shaped ravine. With walking trails, the site is a popular tourist destination for them to enjoy a stroll. You can enjoy the flaming red and yellow leaves in autumn.

Time-honored manufacturer of Inaniwa udon noodles, ranked as one of the three best udon in Japan. You can relish on udon with a smooth, firm texture, and find good souvenirs as well.

The market sells fresh farm produce and homemade ready-to-eat dishes. There is a restaurant where you can savor specialty Hiyagake-Soba (cold kakesoba). It’s a nice place where you can explore some local food tastes such as gelato made with Ugo milk.