Videos of sightseeing routes

Douse yourself with a streak of nature’s magnificence as you drive along Lake Towada-ko and coastal regions bordering the Pacific Ocean

This route goes from the area around Lake Towada, one of the best places in Japan to see autumn foliage, to the Pacific Ocean areas.

Indulge in nature at the Sea of Japan side of Aomori Prefecture

This route goes along the Sea of Japan side of Aomori Prefecture. This an area of outstanding natural beauty with its autumn foliage on Mt. Iwaki, the Shirakami mountain range, and more.

Exhilarating drive from Chuson-ji Temple towards the coastal areas of Sanriku-kaigan

Enjoy an exhilarating drive to Chuson-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site famous for autumn foliage, the picturesque Sanriku Coast, and other places.

Tour spectacular National Parks at the northernmost tip of Honshu

This route tours around the Shimokita Peninsula at the northernmost tip of Honshu. The entire peninsula is a quasi-national park which is stunningly beautiful in autumn when the trees are a mass of colorful foliage.

The mystical beauty of Hachimantai’s nature

This route lets you enjoy the Hachimantai area, praised as a natural oasis. Mystical landscapes unfold before your eyes.

Go for a drive with picturesque sceneries of the Sea of Japan and Oga Peninsula as a backdrop

A route that tours through the Oga Peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides. Each spot has unique and stunning views of the Sea of Japan.

Experience the stunning scenery of Matsushima, the cultural sights of Sendai

Explore the stunning vista that represents Japan, as well as culture and atmosphere of Sendai, one of the biggest cities of Tohoku region.

Immerse yourself in the greatness of Southern Tohoku’s Nature

Impressive and exciting route that travels the southern part of Tohoku. This route us an introduction to nature’s mystery and power.

Please take a look to prevent accidents during the use of rented cars.